Relocate not working on MacOS Monterey

Hi there,

Relocate is not working for me. Both the auto relocate and the manual way of relocating. Engine DJ is at version 2.4.0 MacOS Monterey is at version 12.6.1 (21G217)

I made a screen recording to show nothing is happening when I try to relocate:

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Have you already readdee the track in it’s new location? Engine DJ can’t merge 2 tracks (path is a unique field in the database), but it isn’t very verbal about it when relocating…

Which is a major bug in my opinion, but hey, who am I :wink:

Hi Johan,

Thanks for your reply, not sure I’m following what you’re saying. Could you try to explain in a different way?

Maybe it’s files that already exist in other folders??? :thinking:

Suppose track1.mp3 got moved to track2.mp3. This will show red. But instead of first relocating you added track2.mp3 to the database.

Now you realise you have a missing track and try to relocate track1 to track2. This won’t work because 2 tracks cannot have the same path.

But Engine DJ does not tell you this, it just does not relocate without a message…

Is the music collection on that external?

How did you build the collection?

The missing files? How did they get missing? Did you just move them to a different folder or did you rename the files?

I have Monterrey on a 2017 MBP and use an external drive to hold my music files. I have tested relocate auto and it works fine - I tested by renaming a folder containing my files.

Yeah my whole music collection is on an external drive and this is also where the problem originates I think. Still feel the relocate feature is lacking in this regard.

I now have a slightly better workflow, but I used to add tracks like this:

  • I download an mp3, it’s on my computer in my downloads folder.
  • I add it to a playlist on my flash drive in Engine > this copies the track over to the drive as well.
  • Now two copies of the mp3 exist: one in my downloads folder and one on my external drive.
  • The playlist also exists in two places, because that’s how Engine works unfortunately. If you create a playlist on your external drive, it will create a copy of that in your Main collection. Which creates a whole new mess, but I won’t go into that here.
  • So in Engine the track is now in 2 playlists. I have a suspicion that the song in the playlist in the Main collection refers to the one on my computer and the song in the playlist on my external drive refers to the copy on the external drive.
  • Fast forward to a few weeks later: I empty my downloads folder and now I have a missing track, but only in my Main collection.

What baffles me is why the relocate feature can’t just re-link to the mp3 on the external drive. But as Johan explained, apparently you can’t link 2 tracks to the same path. Even though I never added it twice to the library.

My workflow now is that I first copy the mp3 over to the external drive and then add it to Engine. That solves the problem for all my new music.

I never experienced these kinds of problems using Rekordbox so I think I’m just going to switch back again and never use Engine anymore. My Prime 2 accepts Rekordbox playlists anyway.

This is my workflow as well.

The two instances of the same file may be the cause of your problems.

I download from dj pools straight to my external HD

Then I crate the new additions in serato post tagging in Lexicon.

Only then do I readd my Serato to Engine this adding the new files.

That way engine prime knows what to do when the file goes missing eg if I move the file to a different folder