Rekordbox XML import to Engine not working

Hello. So I mainly use this feature when I have messed around in rekordbox and need to copy over to my Denon Library. I sometimes play on club systems that use CDJ2000’s.

It used to work perfect but now every time I import from an XML, the RB tab is just empty. No songs, playlists, or anything. No matter if I make a new XML file, or try a different engine version. I’ve searched the forums but only one person had this problem too, and didn’t get any answer to his question.

I tried reinstalling Engine but no success. I’d love it if someone could help me fix this… Because I love Denon’s hardware, but the software side of things is lacking compared to Pioneer.

Can You tell us what computer system You run? What version of EP do You use?

Windows 10. I am using the 1.4 beta. As I also mentioned,I tried on another version (1.3.3)

Hi @sinclarity - Try to export a new XML file from Rekordbox, and the import on a fresh collection of Engine Prime. You can temporary rename your ‘Engine Library’ folder (or remove if you don’t need) to see if this helps. The Engine Library folder is in your Music folder.

Make sure you follow the steps in this video tutorial.

Thanks JWiLL. I believe changing the Engine Library folder fixed it. Do I just copy over from the backup folder to get my collection back?

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