Rekordbox USB - How to read playlists


Just bought a Prime 4+. The device is great packed with nice features. Coming from Rekordbox I have some problems with finding a workflow for using a rekordbox USB.

When I plug in a rekordbox USB it recognizes it but doesn’t show my playlists. Instead I only can acces it form contents where it is sorted by artist.

I’ve read online that it’s best to plug the usb first in engine software but it doesn’t change anything for me.

What is the correct way for playing a rekordbox USB and showing my playlists?

I don’t care about hotcues,loops,beatgrids whatever.

Hello and welcome to the forum :blush:

I am not a rekordbox user, but there is a video tutorial which explains how to export your library from Rekordbox into Engine DJ:

I hope that it will be useful! :purple_heart: