Rekordbox or Engine

Just a quick question I currently still use RB as my primary library management, is this still the best way to go with all the new updates?

It’ll work, I personally like to have all my tracks Engine analysed for use in the Denon players. I use Serato as the primary library manager then use the sync function in Engine desktop to update into there.

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I used to use the Denon conversion utility, It would be a lot of work to redo all 5000 tracks lol I could try that again

I’d recommend using Engine DJ library especially moving forward.

It would depend on what hardware you are usually using, and also whether there are specific features you use on Rekordbox that Engine doesn’t have.

Personally I made the switch over to Engine from Rbox a fair while ago, and other than auto playlists I don’t really miss anything specific.

I know use engine, after imorting via Lexicon.