Rekordbox Import Settings

Hi Denon

I’m having some troubles with your Rekordbox import for Engine Prime. This was a big thing that sold me on these, but I’m afraid to say I’m starting to have some buyers remorse after trying to analyze tracks via rekordbox import…

Is there any way to change the beatgrid to dynamic analysis? It’s not catching any of my transition tempo DJ tools and some tracks are putting the down beat on the upbeat and really messing up my workflow. I know it can’t always be perfect but I’d at least like it somewhere close… But the import isn’t getting the transition tracks right at all - it just keeps the same beatgrid the whole time.

Is there some setting I’m missing? Something that can be changed on the player to analyze these tracks differently? If not, I am totally heartbroken.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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hello @26carat Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we don’t currently support dynamic beat grid import. The current way that we handle beat grid will lock the grid to a single tempo, therefore we don’t support transitional tempo tracks.

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