Rekordbox / Denon abilities

I’m currently preparing a set for an event on pioneer gear, making loop and cue points while walking down the road using the rekordbox android app and I’m starting to think rekordbox is just better music management software full stop and might start using it for my Denon music instead of the engine desktop software…

Obviously they’re competing products so I know the Denon hardware can’t write back into rekordbox databases, but just wondering for anybody who’s tried for how this will be using it on my Denon SC Live 4 when not doing pioneer gigs:

  • Will my Denon still create the history of what I’ve played during an event when Djing from a rekordbox usb?

  • Can I still hit record and record my set to a rekordbox usb?

  • Does the Denon hardware recognise rekordbox loops, cues, active loops?

Can’t you just use both pieces of software concurrently? I have 3 running at present and once the initial setup of playlists is complete its just a case of adding new music to them as and when you need to.

USB Sticks are cheap so you could have RB specific and Engine specific USB’s.

My Denon SC6000 recognize Cue, HC, Loops & Active loops with a RKB stick !

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It is true that rekordbox as a library manager is better, what I do is the following: I use Engine for everything, I use it with my prime 4 I go to my concerts with my prime 4, and when I have to go to a place where it is not possible, I prepare a list of about two hours with what I’m going to play in rekordbox, it’s true that I work very little with Pioneer. Now, I prefer denon, but it’s better to prepare some lists in rekordbox, than to always work with both programs

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Update: i found it a delight to prepare my recent festival gig with Rekordbox, and my home SC Live 4 did recognise the memory cues i’d set (and more importantly the active loops) in my rekordbox usb, so going to switch to using that as my full-time library management tool so I’m always ready for gigs that use pioneer. Just a shame it doesnt record the history of what i played out at a gig.

Love my denon hardware but Rekordbox is so much better compared to Engine dj, so have best of both worlds as long as the denon hardware keep supporting Rekordbox databases to be honest!

I’d be more concerned about Pioneer continuing to allow that connection than inmusic doing anything. It wouldn’t surprise me if they try and encrypt their database before long.

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The Opus quad already works on new data base system, that even cdj3000 does not read yet…

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Yeah I’d seen that, it’s a sign of the direction they’re heading isn’t it.

Yes, seems like it is… But nothing says, that new data base can’t be read by any third party software. Readout should be not that problematic.

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In my opinion it’s about time all these companies clubbed together and made their software cross compatible and integrated. The DJs are the only people who suffer from this current mess.

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