Rekordbox and engine software

Just a curious question before even trying someting…

Is it possible to copy all my playlists and regular cue’s from rekordbox to engine!? Because most dj’s have their set’s prepared in rekordbox. If not, is there a tool in development to copy the playlists to engine software, so no matter where you will play, what gear will stand, you will allways have your playlists in the exact same way.


Owen South


Hi there Owen, Welcome to the forum.

I’m going to give you a very full answer as not everyone is fully aware of the different Engine softwares which are out there.

Engine 1.5 as it stands right now, doesn’t have any Rekordbox import/export.

The New Engine Prime software has a different answer. The SC5000 Prime deck is able to read Serato database information for music files. Obviously that on it’s own doesnt help you but… There’s a third party piece of software called “Rekord Buddy” which translates Rekordbox database to Serato Database and that is the way in for users wishing to upgrade from Pio to Denon.

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You guys might wanna consider making the SC5000 read out rekordbox meta data. Shouldn’t be too hard. That would definitely open the floodgates :grin:

What about Traktor? Any news on how Traktor will be supported? HID control? TS certification for the mixer?

It’s probably simple enough to do -! After all, rumour has it that it’s an 8 year old Mixvibes cross data structure. The difficulty would be the legalities of pioneers proprietary intellectual (?) property, it it were reverse engineered.

However, there’s already “a way in” for the masses migrating from rekordbox to SC5000 Prime;

The SC5000 Prime can already read Serato databases.

A little 3rd party program called Rekordbuddy can convert Rekordbox databases to Serato … and that’s the way in, already in place. How Rekord Buddy gets over/around copyright/reverse engineering, I don’t know.


Thanks for sharing your insight!

So, basicly i have to convert, to convert to import it… Maybe an idea to make this a little bit easyer, considering all the dj’s are using rekordbox and do not want to do tooo much trouble to get this working. Honoustly, i’m a little lazy, and i’m probably not the only one…

I suspect that Pio wouldn’t share or legally ignore any reverse Engine-erring involved if the SC5000 Prime suddenly started reading and writing in Mixvibes. Cross/ rekordbox mode

Just buy mixvibes. Should be a snap for InMusic :grinning:

Or buy the little bit of Pioneer that’s not just making car radios now.

After reading this. Is Engine or Engine Prime able to to show all Crates and lists that exists in Serato DJ? Is it easy to adopt those structures with subfolders in Engine (Prime)?

Engine can import Serato cue points - not loops though :frowning: The crates you have to manually create in Engine. You need both applications open, then drag the tracks from SDJ into Engine. I have noticed some of my cue points off by a couple of milliseconds. But hey, it works.

Idea: Denon could create a Engine Prime <> Engine 1.5 conversion tool, to make tracks cue points, BPM, grids interchangeable?

As an MCX8000 owner, understanding/ accepting the incompatibility of the MCX vs SC5000’s, This could be very useful and save double work (altough an extra convention step is needed) . I’m talking about Rekordbuddy… For instance, since Rekordbuddy is going to support Engine Prime, but not 1.5, we could go:

Engine 1.5 > Engine Prime > Rekorbox (or any other via Rekordbuddy)

So then MCX8000 users could convert to both. Or, Prime users (and Pio users) could also convert to Engine 1.5 if they ever would have the possibility (or even must) play on a MCX8000.

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At the end of the day, working Djs only want one thing. Nobody cares about proprietary software if it means carrying a USB key for each platform. Bottom line, I want to be able to use my Rekordbox USB key with the SC5000 without thinking twice. Music management is already taking enough of our time as Djs, the last thing we want is to have to duplicate our workflow.

Personally, I hate Rekordbox, all my music is managed in iTunes ( which is not perfect either ) then synced to my key, using Rekordbox.

Denon doesn’t stand a chance competing with Pioneer if they don’t understand that the end user is the priority. Make our life easier & you’ll be repay in kind.

As far as I’m concerned, Engine Prime is yet another piece of software that doesn’t really deliver much, except duplication of tasks.

The sc5000 aready reads rekordbox usb drives