Rekordbox analysed USB not playing properly

So recently whenever I have friends with rekordbox USBs come over and mix with, I quite often run into the problem that when loading songs, the song will be able to play but there will be no waveforms and the bpm adjust will not change the bpm on screen

Anyone encounter this problem/know of a fix to it?

I usually just tell my friends to find the songs on SoundCloud and play it through there but it’s not an ideal solution and more of a bandaid

That looks like Your friends have some shady files that are not getting analysed by denon players… If You insert a rekordbox usb there is a popup that tells you about importing the rekordbox library. Press yes, then maybe it will be fine. Unless the files are corrupted…

I always press the yes option and it seems to still always be a problem, maybe next time I will try pressing no hahaha.

I doubt they’re shady files since its happened to like 4 people and I’d say about half of the files are broken for everyone

Also on a side note I’ve tried plugging it into both of my sc5000s and on all of the ports front and back and it’s still an issue

Can You try with a Engine Dj on a computer? I wander how the desktop app will see these files…

There was a post on the denon Facebook page which might be related to this: The post was attributed to a Richard Talmage:

lam starting to hear reports from fellow engineers that music analysed with rekordbox can sometimes cause a slight drift in actual BPM where rekordbox slightly causes a time stretch half way through the song. Whilst this is ‘self- corrected’ by rekordbox itself on the analysis (and therefore you wouldnt notice it), the actual BPM is changed slightly with the raw PCM data (that is, the actual music file itself regardless of format). yet rekordbox does not show the BPM adjustment. This in turn can cause issues when using that same music file with any other program, usually the latter half of the music file is timestretched slightly. Is this another dirty trick by pioneer?

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Very interesting info. Can You throw some more light on it?

He’s saying later versions of Rekordbox are altering the music files and resaving them?

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Unfortunately I can’t. I simply read the info from someone else’s post on the denon Facebook group, which was why I felt that I should mention the author.

It would be a sneaky way of Pioneer wrecking 3rd party usage of conversion software like Lexicon, recordbuddy etc from doing a clean job and making things only sound right if it’s puoneer files played on pioneer hardware.

I take it to also mean the files could be altered as they are sync’d to the user’s USB drive? I’ve been mixing back an forth between my 6000s and a pair of CDJ-3000s for the last month or so, using different USBs for each (6000s sync’d from EP and 3000s sync’d from RB) but both being sync’d from the same file library on my desktop, nothing is wrong with the files so far. I will test my Rekordbox USB in the 6000s this weekend though to see if the same thing happens…

let me know for sure man, would love to hear im not the only person having issues with it.

this might make sense why some songs (maybe those that were analysedona previous version) work properly while others dont. i do distinctly remember my friend being unhappy that all the “new” songs she had downloaded and wanted to play tended to be the ones that didnt work

Sorry for taking so long to follow up, had two weeks without time to test this. I played for about two hours last night on my SC6000s using only a USB fully prepped in the newest version of RB, the DB was imported when first selected, and every track analyzed and played perfectly, all of my files are 320kps MP3s. So I’m inclined to blame the files as the issue for OP’s friend.