Rekordbox 6 export advice

So I just made the switch to all Denon hardware after playing with them at a local club a few times and really loving them.

Obviously with the new Rekordbox version I can’t export the XML into Engine Prime for my full library.

Do we think this will change? Or should I just bite the bullet and recreate my library?

Stay with RB5

Rekordbox 5 supports XML export

A USB stick created in rekordbox 6 will work on the prime players, rekordbox 6 still creates an xml in that case.

Or is there a particular feature that you need in rekordbox 6.

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I was already on 6. All good though :slight_smile: I read The Rekordcloud dev wrote up on the SqlLite DB and the encryption isn’t that hard to get through thanks to him.

I only need to do this once but I might create a script for others to use just to spite Pioneer for their poor treatment of their customers.

So you answered your own question in under two hours? That’s great! Solution!

Marked as solved then. :sunglasses:

I’m marking Mufasa as the solution as most people should just stay on on 5.6. Going my route required SQL knowledge and powershell and I never should have had to do that … thanks Pioneer :frowning:

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Great. I’ll close this one for future reference!

Hi All,

Just wanted to mention that rekordbox 6.3.0 restored the XML export functionality. Our tests have shown that the XML format has not changed and therefore the same export functionality is maintained between rekordbox 5 & rekordbox 6.3.0 and higher.

So, if you want to import your rekordbox 6 collection, just make sure you have updated to version 6.3 or higher.