Rekordbox (6.6.8) USB - Loops are displayed as HOT CUEs on SC6000M

When I Import a rekordbox stick (RB 6.6.8) to my SC6000M, all loops are displayed there as HOT CUEs. How to make the loops, set in RB, show up correctly in Engine DJ OS?

Anyone hints to errors or solutions to this problem?

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Just got a Mixstream Pro today and noticed the same thing. I’m guessing I can set a loop where it should be with the pads and it will stay saved ? Would be helpful if it showed as an L marker for loop or something. Then there’d be sme warning to switch to the loop pads. I set the end of a loop with a hot cue marker on the next track, so I know when to cut the loop. If it’s not marked as a loop, I don’t know which are just hot cues and which is a loop. Will have to go through all my tracks on the laptop and then manually put in the loops on Mixstream’s Engine and hope they save.