Rekord Buddy goes open source

Big news!

Damien Sirkis has decided that by charging for Rekord Buddy he was “profiting from the poor practices of the DJ industry”, so it’s now (soon) completely free and open source.

More info:


I think the “gates” that’ll get the most storming are the floodgates.

People asking for every byte of code for firmware and software to be made open source - oblivious to the potential that some hacked code inside a player won’t be the thing that gets criticised if a mix crashes mid performance or mid-stream.

Or, maybe it’s just recordbuddy

That’s awesome. Maybe Engine OS and Engine Prime will go open source one day.

Not 100% certain, but I think it has Engine support. Info isn’t particularly easy to find, but I did see Damien’s post (from about a month ago) that he’d bought a Prime Go and was working on Engine support.

Can’t wait to get home and try it out! Where can I download?

Wonder if the guys over at Denon can do something with this codebase. Maybe make it possible to export from Engine to other formats? (Idk if that would make business sense though)

Follow the links in the first post, and read the information.

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Maybe denon offered a company who makes music database translation software a nice incentive to open source all of that companies translation coding. If it’s open source, then denon shouldn’t have many of any legal obstacles for incorporating open source code in Engine prime and Engine OS

Even with open source software there are a mountain of legal issues. A lot of phone manufacturers (HTC comes to mind) fell foul of these for source code releases on their Android OS devices in the first say 5-7 years.

First is what type of open source license the software uses, the 3 main being MIT, Apache and GPL (with Lesser-GPL sometimes used as well).

Some licenses are fine in commercial software like MIT and Apache but the GPL has some clauses that can make it impractical for commercial use.

Open source usually means continuous beta testing.

There’s nothing wrong with generating a bit of revenue to keep a war chest so to speak.

Denon could pick it up and do something with it.

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Free versions are up.

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