Regarding the "Will not implement" section

Hi @JWiLL,

I tried to see if I should make this comment in the Feature Requests area, but think it is better here.

You guys has made this great category:

I´m checking it almost every day to see if new things has been added to it - because it would do a “clean up” in all the wishes/ requests from all of us, and give us an idea of what is possible and whats not.

I write this because I hope that you (Denon crew) will take a day or 2 and go through all the requests you have recieved and simply add all the things that you know wont be implemented, to this section. I understand that you have been busy with NAMM and maybe also are preparing stuff before the German event, but I truely hope that we could start seeing some things getting added, besides the 3 that is already there.

All the best - Engell


I support that

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It is unfortunate that an “Will not implement” list from one maker could be used for a “we must implement” lost by another maker.

But I see why Denon would be extra extra slow in keeping this list as slowly updated as possible.

I get your point - but it could also be used as a Must Implement List by Denon, for future products.

Afterall, they made this category themselfs, so I dont see why not keeping it updated as much as possible.

It could also work as a “checklist” for people, to check the Will Not Implement-list, before creating a new feature-request. If its listed here, then no need to make a request.

Yes. It’s the confusing thing - that denon added the catergory themselves. I can see why they did it, but maybe they e caught onto the idea that what they won’t implement, someone else will use as a foundation list of features in orher makes

I do understand you, but if its not gonna be used, then I think its better to just delete the section. And that might be the best solution - but I think it would be a shame to do so.

I dont find it confusing that they added the category - I understand the idea 100%

They have recieved a bunch of requests, and I bet that they quite easily can say which will not happen - but untill they do so, some of these request will get more and more likes (even Denon knows it wont happen), and maybe even new requests for the same thing will get created.

But if its not gonna be used I would rather see it removed.

The only reason a request would move to that section is if it the request is not practical or feasible due to the system architecture of the device.

I concur there is much needed house keeping in order and we are working on it.

Please understand this forum is maintained by Denon DJ staff who hold regular positions within the company. We do not have a designated forum staff member as our developers, testers, marketers, etc… prefer to be as close and involved with our community as possible.

Thanks for your feedback and understanding.

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I understand that you also have other positions than just sit and answer requests and questions on the forum🙂 My initial post was not meant negative in any way… More as some kind of wondering about the few things that has made it to this particular section after so many days, when I think about the truckload of requests that you have recieved.

So yes, there is deff. much housekeeping needed, and I also know that it is for the requests thats not compliant because of the current system archietecture.

So as I said, I was just wondering. But thanks for the answer.

Think it’s a great idea…instead of sitting on my hands waiting for something to magically appear, this way I can be aware of things which 100% will not be implemented. Probably one of the best forum/feature changes I’ve seen for us users. At least we now know what we can badger them for and what we cant haha!

I have to agree with the others here - for instance, the sampler I was so hoping that Denon would bring out - I now feel that as Akai is also a member of the Inmusic group, bringing out a product to compete with their core products would not be good for the company as a whole… It would have been good for Denon to tell us that, so we can make other plans.

Sampler made by Denon should be very different than Akai music production devices, but not too far away. It needs to be more fast and simple to grab samples/loops even when memory is empty. Need to communicate with the Prime series (not only quantize and bpm), needs to catch loops from decks on the fly, and many more… this would be not only a sampler but a remix station, that You could also use as an external effect, so we could make a proper use of send/returns on the x1800/1850’s. I totally dig such a product and I know how it should be working with our Primes. This would be a revolutionary dj sampler. Getting the best from traktors remix decks and still be as good as akai sequencers and more…

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Hey Guys,

We’re gonna use tags now and retire the bracketed system for public areas of the forum.

We’ll also revise the wording to be less off-putting.

Feature Requests that cannot be achieved will now be tagged as #not-achievable