Regarding D-link and Linking Cues on 3700's

There is no option for Denon dn-s 3700 on the ticket page. Within a week or 2 ago I was able to make ticket requests but no longer, even though the 3700 has been removed for quite some time. This has to be a shame to me and those that own 3700’s… However, I understand it is a legacy product. This is about my D-link connectivity.

  1. I used to be able to get 2 tracks to sync memos with my d-link connected. And I just now did it but am not sure HOW i did it. What is the magic? How do I recall memos? It’s on page 22. It says that I can only call out memo to the deck on which memo was already called out. but When I do that all I see is “memo set” even if there are not hot keys assigned. How do I link my decks?

  2. Is linking memo’s only available on CD or can I do this with flash drive as well?

Denon: Thanks for making such a wonderful product!!!

And forum: Thanks to those that participate in this forum, helping others keep the dream alive.