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The Engine software and the crates system are a bit confusing at the beginning, but I sorted it out, and sort of “mirrored” my directories structure on the internal HD to crates, this works fine. However, when you start changing contents on the HD, adding some files and removing others, it seems nothing is automated? I have to go manually in the crate and delete the missing ones whoch appear in red, but if adding files in the directory, engine does not see anything until you drag&drop the directory again on the corresponding crate?! There must be a way to automate this? The Prime 4 is incredibly good, but this? Maybe I missed something? I have seen another post on this, but then an answer points to a dead link.


Hi @Gandalf welcome to the forum.

I think you might want this to be implemented:

Import (and update) existing File System folder structure (folders + subfolders) as crates

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EDIT: ah you already found the thread.

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Yes, I found the other one after having posted this. It’s quite the same request, indeed. I can’t believe that 2 years after the original post it’s still not implemented, looks like a super basic feature to program.

It would be my workflow as well, if implemented, source structure on a server or NAS and of you go.

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