Recreate Engine DB

Hi All,

I have had my database for a long time since the early V1 days I am starting to see some wonkyness recently on my players I think its to do with the DB.

I dont really want to loose my cue/loops is there any way I can some how export that info then recreate my DB and reimport? what about any 3rd party tools?

Susbscribe Lexicon and write your tags on your files…than you sync back to Engine…i saved my library doing this.

Lexicon looks great, shame about the price but can probably get away with a 1 month sub

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Yes …it keeps everything…but i don t use loops…i m not sure about loops. It also permit to clean database with many smart tools and to me worked very well!. My engine DB was broken. Now it s ok.

yeah it looks really good, loops do stay. It has cleaned up my library no end and I have removed some of my larger pointless playlists so hopefully this will resolve my issues, thanks for the tip. One thing im pondering is if the Lexicon beat grid analysis is better then Denons, is it worth reanalysing everything in Lexicon?

i think Engine analysis is much better!!! i didnt reanalyse tracks

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