Recording your Mix

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else on here uses an M-Audio M Track 2x2 connected to the X1800 and their laptop to record their mixes? I cant seem to get mine to work so hoping to find someone who already has one hooked up for advice. Also does anyone use the Reloop Tape to record their mixes, if so is it any good? Cheers Shaun

What do you have against using the two USB interfaces in the mixer?

I’m not using them, I have gone from the “Send” output direct into the M-Track with 2 audio leads then from the M-Track to laptop via USB. I have nothing in the “Line” connection but assume as I have the output being sent and it going into the unit that would be fine?

Hey Nuahs,

The “Send” output is used to send audio to an external FX unit and does not mirror the main out. If you want to use an external soundcard, you should be hooking it up to the record out.

You can also plug your X1800 directly into your computer as a soundcard. The master mix is sent out of channels 9/10, so you don’t need a separate audio interface to record (if you recording software is capable of selecting from multiple inputs that is). This is what Reticuli is asking about.

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Thanks for the reply. So if I hook up using the “record out” to the M-Track then to my laptop that would work? I did try that before going into my headphone socket on my Laptop but it wouldn’t pick a signal up.

Sorry for the lack of knowledge, I was recommended the M-Track by a Denon rep at a DJ show to record high quality audio as opposed to going direct from the mixer which is why I brought it. Cheers Shaun

It should work, but did the rep know you had an X1800? The Denon rep might not have understood what exactly you had or wanted. You will get an exact, unaltered copy of the X1800 audio on the computer if you use the USB on the X1800 compared to the inferior version going into some analog to digital interface using analog connections. No need for extra steps. Use whatever you want, obviously, but you’re making it way more complicated and worse sounding than it needs to be. The M-Track is better used with mixers that lack their own interfaces, and the X1800 is a digital mixer, so you’ll just take the digital data and record it direct with a USB cable on your computer. Simple as pie.

Yes I did tell him I had the X1800 mixer but he said I needed it to convert the sound from analogue to digital. I’ll have a go going direct then via USB from the mixer to my laptop. Did you have to adjust any settings on the mixer to also send the sound out from the USB? Cheers Shaun

He was mistaken. It happens.

You shouldn’t have to change anything on the mixer from default. If you’re on Windows, you need to install the X1800 drivers to get ASIO and WASAPI, but on a Mac I believe you’ll get CoreAudio detected immediately upon plugging the mixer into your computer.

Oh, and there’s a thread where people are using Audacity have been getting help. Some of them have had difficulty finding 9/10 under that program, so if that’s the program you use (I use Sound Forge in Windows usually), then you might find some assistance in that thread.

BTW, I do recommend you go into the Utility on the X1800 and put the booth and master at -10. Then always stick the master knob at max… especially if other people will be using your gear on your sound system. Otherwise, stick the master knob at the “0”.

Ok cool, thank you so much, I’ll give it a go tomorrow night.

I am using Audacity so the thread will come in handy!

On your last point are you referring to Utilities > USB Audio > Output Level ? If so do you mind explaining why to do that?

Also I didnt understand the "stick the master knob at the “0” - Surely that will stop any sound coming out of the speakers?

Sorry for all the questions, this isnt my strong point!

Without going into Utility and setting master and booth to be 10dB lower than it is by default, you have the potential to crank those knobs past unity (the “0” on the knobs) and boost them 10dB louder than the channel levels, which 1) could potentially clip their output stages and 2) might compel you to run the channels a lot quieter than you should because your master is 10dB louder than the channels. Changing the outputs to 10dB lower in the settings makes their unity point (the spot on the knob where output is the same as input level for that stage) max on the knob, which is safer for gear later on, say like your expensive sound system if you’re letting other DJs use your Prime gear into said sound system, and will keep your levels kosher, your recordings appropriate in levels, etc. Set master and booth in Utility to -10 and just pop that master to max all the time. You can put your booth at anything now and it also won’t matter. The Prime 4 doesn’t have this in the Utility apparently, but that’s mostly just marketed to mobile DJs and not going to be used for open decks or in installations as much.

Why So complicated? Use Audacity on your Laptop and record the channel 9/10 from your X1800 directly. Problem solved !?


Ok thanks for the info. Will give it a go and see how I get on. Thanks again.

DJs wanting to record their mixes with X1800 can use any audio recording software, like Audacity (Free) or any DAW to record the X1800 through USB.