Recording volume low

When I’m recording my volume level is low? Master Is where it shud be???anything I’m doing wrong??? anyone help???


So can’t do anything atm???

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All you can do is transfer the file to your computer and use software to boost the level.

Yeah think that what I’m gonna have to do thanks lads

Please vote (click the heart) for anything in the ‘feature requests’ area which relates to recording level.


Is your master volume control knob where it should be: at unity? That’s the only way you’ll get a good representation of the record and record out levels using the master meter. Are you bouncing past the meters’ zero marks, too, and just, at the very least, staying out of the top meter LEDs? If you try to intentionally stay out of the second-to-top meter LEDs, with only going into them being an accident, you’ll have about 10dB or more of headroom from digital clip, which is a normal digital recording level.

Yes I think so, Thanks mate I’m gonna try a few things tonight

Hi, I bought a Denon prime 2 for mix recording! Well, tell me what to do with the volume! The mix is very quiet! Who will tell you what to press?

Hi @djjedy and welcome to the Denon forum :sunglasses:


Thank you! But normalization will decrease the quality?

Download Audacity and no it’s good software

If done right will not degrade anything.

load your track in audacity and normalize it to -1.5 if converting to mp3.