Recording to USB Error

A few seconds after starting to record to USB, i get an error message saying the USB is too slow and the recording stops!

Using a Kingston Datatraveller 128gb 3.0

Anyone know why?


Kingston’s are sprinters not long-distance runners.

Some usb memory will capture small bursts of data quickly but can’t sustain that rate of input for more than a few seconds at a time.

Try different brands or a hard drive with a good sized cache

I had this happen when I tried to save to the same USB I was using to load tracks from. Is that the issue?

I have two of the same make in, i tried recording to both, the one i was playing from lasted about 30 seconds, the non playing drive lasted about 15 minutes…

Yes - bandwidth. Try walking out a single doorway at the same time someones trying to walk in through it

is there a way to fix it? My guess would be no. It’s a bit sad, I recorded 3 hours without any problems and after a few weeks this is happening…

Yes. Use faster better usb devices which can cope with sustained data flow, not just bursts

what brand would you prefer?

Try Sandisk from a reputable supplier, not eBay

SanDisk Extreme Pro, I use also.

I also use SanDisk’s usb sticks, they never faild me since 6 years - yes the oldest one I have (32GB) still does the job. I can fully recommend SanDisk usb’s.

Thanks, I’ve got a sandisk extreme SD card knocking about, do you think that will work better until i get hold of an SSD?

Yes I have this stick, and it’s very slow even reading tracks. I don’t use it anymore on the SC5000’s. The speed difference to a “normal” stick from adata is huge. SanDisk extreme pros are the best choice.

On SD cards it’s easier to see its performance, they have a logo of a number with a circle or some arrows around it. The higher the number, the faster the SD card, so a 10 in a circle is a fast card but… that still doesn’t tell you if it can sustain high data flow or can just deal with a couple of big photos being dumped on it every couple of minutes.

There used to be a web page which had a compare table of all the different usb flash drives and their sustained data rates. I haven’t been on it for ages though

To ensure you can read/write (play/record) on the device without issue, it is important to use high quality media devices. I would recommend a reputable brand (SanDisk, Samsung, etc…) with a read speed of at least 100MB/s.

Here are a few options that have served me well over the years.




Please note these are my personal suggestions based on my use and not an official Denon DJ recommendation.


I can recommend SanDisk Ultra USB. 5 Years used, still working perfect. Also bought new last year, works great.

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