Recording on the SC5000M

HI all.

Right I wanted to ask and see if I can get a little help where recording my time on my DENON SC5000M decks is concerned. I have bought a Zoom H4N Pro and I record the mix using that via the record out on my Denon X1800 mixer and all is Okay other than even after I stop recording and normalise the recording there is spots where the Bass can sometimes be too much.

My question is this - Has anyone tried the ZOOM H6 as it has Illuminated levels so I can see while recording Bass levels etc.

Has anyone had this problem or can they recommend a better option to record mixes.

I am a EX Traktor user but play vinyl as well as MP3/WAV/FLAC and I used to just hit record on Traktor so this is all really new to me.

I love these decks and mixer I just want to be able to record and it be clear and has anyone used the ZOOM H6 to record.

Please let me know and thanks


I don’t knowcthat recorder but see if there’s some record level options or adjustments to any auto record levels - a lot of portable audio recorders are bias to voice only and not so hot for full spectrum music recording.

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Thanks i sold it and have not had any luck with new method…

Take care