Recording on the 5000M and the 1850

If recording on the Deck and using the 1850, will analog tracks be passed through into the recording. Meaning 2 5k’s a turntable and the 1850 running on the Hard wire Network and a Turntable plugged into a channel and enabling the recording feature would the recording capture the Analog inputs as part of the recording?

What do you mean by “recording on the deck”?

If you record the output from the mixer, everything that goes into the mixer goes out to the recording.

There is no recording on decks (SC5000/M or SC6000/M).

You need to record from the mixers RCA analog output or using USB cable connected to a laptop with recording software.

What i left out is that the 5k’s have a record feature where you can record onto the SD card / record your mix on to the SD card and or other media. not asking if the mix comes out the analog ouputs but wondering analog inputs would go to the 5k’s recording feature.

I would love to see a video of that.

And where did You found that info? SC5000’s don’t have any inputs…

Got my wires crossed - Aint gonna happen . Mi Bad wrong device I was referencing.

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