Recording in traktor pro 3 with denon prime 4+

Although Denon Prime 4+ has internal recording, I am not satisfied with the results obtained. I would like to ask you if this is possible only for the recording:

  • Connect denon prime (with mapping) to complet audio 6 and this to the mac to be able to use the traktor recorder.

  • Or you could use the Denon Prime 4 + card as an external card.

All the best .

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Have you tried normalising the mix in Audacity from the Prime 4?

I don’t understand why you would want to invent some convoluted recording setup when you could spend 3 minutes of your time normalising the internal recording.

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I have even normalized and used Loud Max. Using wav quality files. I still don’t have quality audio. I feel it is too compressed and not very noticeable (especially in the bass) thank you

What level are you channel gains running at? Mine are around 3 from the top on my Prime 2.

I made a short recording last night that I normalised, I will post the before and after on a private Soundcloud link when I get home later. It sounds fine to me.

Your other option is to buy a sound card or recording device to route the Prime into for recording.

My gain level per channel always reaches 0dbs, without reaching the first blue LED (0db).

In this way I want to avoid distortion when going beyond 0db

I think you can push it a bit higher than that to be honest. The 0db thing might be the reason you’re getting ultra quiet recordings.

Edit: so ive just checked my Prime 2, I run mine at the +6db light on the channel meter (leaving 2 at the top unlit) and that’s how ive been running the machine since I got it.

Edit 2:

Link to a test mix ive done, +6db on the channel meters, first 34 mins is the original recording, 2nd 34 mins is me normalising it in Audacity to -1db.

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Thank you very much for sharing it and your interest. Prove! All the best

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Hmm, seems strange that a digital recording of a digital file would alter the dynamics. Will try and do a null-test on my Go when I get the chance, but the only change should be the volume.

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