Recording from X1800 direct to computer

Hello all.

Just purchased my X1800 and SC5000M combo after switch over from Traktor rig.

What’s the best way to record mixes?

I’m terrible at technology - do I need to just plug the X1800 into my computer and record using garageband or something else? Do I need to use the ‘record’ ports on the back of the mixer?

Used to just record into Traktor which was a breeze.

Any advice welcome

Install the X1800 drivers from here: Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ

Then plug a USB cable in to the top right of the mixer and connect to your laptop:


You can then use any audio sofware to record, just chage the input device to the X1800, I cant remember off hand which channels you need though.

A lot of people use Audiacity

Thanks for the prompt response. Will do that now and have a look at Audacity. Heard some people use Ableton but will look at both.

You need to record ch9+10 for pre-master recordings. Some people seems to have issues getting that channel pair selected in the software they want to use.

Thanks. Will ensure this happens when its set up.

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