Recording from a Streaming Service

Hey all, I’m looking to start recording my mixes on the MC7000 and would like to record thru audacity. I have audacity set up, but having trouble getting my controller to send audio there. Would anyone be able to walk me thru what input/output connections are required? Is it necessary to have an interface? Or can I plug directly into my Mac to record? Happy to provide more info on my setup.

Hi @quentinstraw - Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Yes, this is possible! You can record directly within Serato DJ Pro, just enable the recording panel and then click the record button when you’re ready to record your mix. This also records the line inputs as well.

Appreciate the welcome and the reply, but I am looking to record thru audacity or a similar program as I have a lot of streamed tracks thru tidal. I’m starting to think that I need an adapter for my rca-to -3.5 mm trs jack. MacBook is not reading as a line input when plugged in from master rca to sound input on the Mac. I’ve seen some videos sayings requires a TRRS jack to trick it into thinking it’s a microphone input.

Ah can’t help you there. Recording streaming tracks is not permitted under their terms of service.

So you have no experience in hooking up to a computer or interface to record in 3rd party software?

Dude, you are asking a inMusic/DenonDJ employee, on the official forum, to help you break the terms of usage of their partner software.

Don’t be a douche.

Go google a bit, ask on some other forums, maybe not mention what you’re trying to do so explicitly.

Or, a totally wild and unrealistic thought: BUY the tracks that you so like that you are willing to put into your set and record.


If I could apply 10 million likes to your anti-piracy post, I would. Applause :clap:

I wasn’t being a douche, genuinely asking…you must feel special. What I’m doing is completely legal. I do own music. You are allowed to record streamed tracks for your own use. No different then if I captured audio with my phone. But thanks for trying to call me out and make me look bad when you have zero idea who I am or what I’m doing. If you think I didn’t google this or do research before I came here it makes you double the idiot. I found my answer in another forum from “staff” are you going to hound that post down too?

Yeah…right. So JWiLL is a liar? Do us a favor and just stop. Go read Tidal/SDJ terms and conditions.


There is a reason why recording is disabled in Serato DJ and on our standalone devices when streamed tracks are loaded to the deck.

I don’t like to be unhelpful but in this case, knowing the intended use, I cannot offer advice. TIDAL is a close business partner of ours and I would be doing them a disservice by providing information to bypass one of their restrictions.