Recording a Set - Best Practice

Does anyone record their set? If so, what is the best way to do this? I have used Audacity with the analog outputs but would like a cleaner signal (digital). Perhaps a great feature would be to record to USB on the SC5000s! That would make life so simple!

I use Rekordbox to record my mixes, digital via the USB out of the X1800 to my laptop.

Reason is that I know and use Rekordbox plus the software is freeware.

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I use a little Tascam stereo handheld recorder hooked to the digital out on my mixer.

I’m assuming you don’t have the X1800? That has digital out via the USB, which you can connect to any decent piece of software. I did use Audacity, but it is causing me issues on 2 channel so have to do 10, which I don’t want (I know I can fix in the software, just can’t be bothered) so I use Serato instead.

hey, neee to hook in here with a question: What for a Signal i can get via the USB? is it similar to the DigiOut/spdif ? My Problem: I record via Spdif Digital/Coaxial into mine Soundblaster XFi, but i need to buy in recent days a new PC and the Xfi is a PCI, but the new Motherboards dont have one anymore, so i need a other way for recording in the Future. Short: Is the USB so good in quality as a Spdif-In ? thanks !!

regards Roland

Same as s/pdif. So up to 24bit/96kHz signal. I think it’s even the same setting that corresponds both to usb and digital.

Anyway, USB sounds and performs top notch. The audio that goes in, comes out.

You could try a StarTech converter card but it depends on your computer case and connections. I tested this one and works with a RME HDSP PCI card:

thanks for this fast responsing reese! :wink: Okay thanks! i think about this riser card / pcie 2 pci adapter, i will see… But i will tryout the usb think first.



I use one of the X1800’s USBs connected to a laptop and setup 5 tracks in Ableton–one for each channel on the mixer (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8) and one for the master out (9/10). Technically, I only need to record the master but I’m slightly anal. :slight_smile:

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