Recording a mix on prime 6000M

Hi everyone. I am new to Denon DJ Prime 6000M and not used to the software or players. I would like to know how I record my mixes on the Denon software on my iMac and on my players. I am using my pioneer 750MK2 mixer along with my prime 6000M? Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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Denon doesn’t have a recording software. Your best bet will be to use a third party recording software like Audacity (free) or DJM-REC (Pioneer DJ) to capture your mixes.

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You can record into GarageBand.

You can record into Rekordbox in the free, export mode.

I have Rekordbox software how would I do that in export mode?

RECORD YOUR DJ SET WITH REKORDBOX FOR FREE IN HIGH QUALITY SOUND - YouTube plenty of other videos and instructions online

I use FL studio for mine.

Records into playlist digitally.

Skip the software and get a good tape deck and blank tapes… That’s how we rolled in the day lol

Any software that’s made for audio recording is ideal. You just need to feed a signal from mixer to the line-in on any pc. Same rules apply as using a tape deck :facepunch::+1::two_hearts:

You laugh but the modern equivalent is a digital audio recorder, and they go from pocket sized (and pocket money) units to more expensive rack mount jobs. They’re quite convenient things to have in your DJ bag.

I’d also consider a device called EverMix! Cost about £115 and you plug it into your record out or Booth on your mixer and then connect to your phone through the EverMix software and record away. You can then directly upload the mix to SoundCloud or Mixcloud……

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