Record out from output

Can u 'record out from back output and split the cables one going to amp and one to the pc using these cables…

Why not use the XLR-terminals for your amps and the RCA for Recording?

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Only got a phono amp


Another option is to use the booth zone out to have a separate volume control. And why not record internally?

So u can use these then and then it should pick up the record in signal for sound using obs

While it wouldn’t be my preferred option, it should work.

I was using pioneer ddj 2000 before it had master out and record out on it just can’t figure out how to use with obs

The Prime4 hasn’t got a dedicated record out that sums all channels pre-master.

Perhaps a no brainer: Recording the master means that you, in essence, cannot change it’s volume. Otherwise the recording will change in volume also. I think you wouldn’t want that.

I think it will be available in the future with the USB3 port acting like a sound card on your computer. OBS just needs to record from that sound card.