Record mix digitaly

Can i record my mix from X1850 directly ensuring a full digital chain in the recording ? Have anyone done it ? Can you advise how ?

Thank you in advance

You can use the USB port on the mixer to connect a computer and record completely digitally here. In the settings by default the channels 9/10 are the master out via USB.

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Thank you for your prompt reply @NoiseRiser. Do you know if these channels (9/10) are affected by the master volume level? Also which USB do you suggest to use ? 1 or 2 (Or is the same whichever USB port i use?)

USB 1 & 2 will do the same (dual sound card). The master knob is not affecting the USB signal.

Thank you @NoiseRiser i will try it and let you know, btw, I am searching for a software for recording my mixes, which one do you suggest?

Perhaps if you (at least) told us what type of computer you’re using…

I use Logic Pro X on my macbook, but You can also use any other DAW or Traktor, Virtual Dj, Serato… What ever can catch audio from Your usb will do just fine.

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Sorry @PKtheDJ you are totally right :smile: I am on Windows

Audacity…free to use


Im trying to get Audacity or OBS to even detect a signal from the X1850. Its all installed in windows and OBS & Audacity detect all the channels (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10) but no matter which ones i select they are not detecting any audio. Have tried the USB menu on the mixer also and nothing!!! Any advice?

OBS will only read on channels 1/2, You would need to change Your USB mix send to 1/2. But it will also send the channel input, if I remember right…

Have just checked and the audio signal is not even being detected under the sound control panel in Windows for channel 9/10.

Check Your drivers. Windows needs some extra care usually. I use a macbook, so my X1800 is plug and play.

Just use Rekordbox if Audacity is too much hacking for you :no_mouth:

Ran the install for the driver again…chose repair…Working! Madness. Cheers mate

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I’m surprised the mixer can’t record directly onto USB itself.

The Prime Go, Prime 2 and Prime 4 can, but the top of the range mixer can’t?

Mixer has no operating system with any codecs or drivers build in. Also no USB A. So it servers as a peripheral device, not as a host device, so can’t do what a host device can.

I know what it is - I’m just mulling over what it could’ve been. The competition (the P word) records. They’ve even got a smartphone app that records when you plug the phone into the mixer.

We could do with something like that as maybe a workaround to the long standing low recording level issue.

Also considering the SC players can be networked to the mixer, and do have suitable ports, why can the mixer signal not be sent to the SC and recorded?

It just seems like a big hole in the functionality. Something less than the “lower” models.

Recordings can be made on an iPhone by using a camera adapter.

But indeed, not with a simple USB-drive.

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