Read / write speed of the SATA on SC6000

Hi Guys,

So, I got a technical question…

Do Anyone know the actual read/ write speed of the SATA interface inside the SC6000?

Asking this because I want to make the most out of my setup and get the optimal drives for the units.

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Nearly any SSD will fill the SATA600 bus.

Sata interface is converted to usb standard inside. If this is in 3.0 standard than You get 5Gbps. If not, than speeds of 480Mbps.

SATA inside the SC6000 is SATA not USB. I can be wrong though.

A yes, I mixed it up, the sata to usb3 was in P4…

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Are you sure about the Prime4 as well?

Yes, I seen the circuit that is responsible for that.

Ehm, they nearly all use the same board with a SATA connector (Prime4 below):

Yes, and on the same pcb that SATA is running to an opAmp that is supported by Flash 8Mbit memory and from there the data line goes to a usb hub chip before reaching the CPU. Take off that radiator and just trace all lines. All USB’s are running to the chip: Texas instruments TMS320C6747 Fixed and Floating Point Digital Signal Processor. All USB ports concentrate in this chip. So the SATA is converted to USB3.0

Okay, could be.

Is there any new info on this?

What New info do You need?