Re: SSD Capacity MBR vs GPT format

I’ve seen some posts discussing using an internal 4TB SSD in the Prime 4. But since the drive has to be formatted as MBR exFat, wouldn’t a 4TB drive only have 2TB available to use? MBR only supports up to 2TB, I think anything beyond that would remain as unallocated space in a second partition.

GPT is recommended for all drives above 2TB. But since the Prime 4 needs to be formatted as MBR, it would seem pointless to install a 4TB SSD since only half would actually be usable.

I may be way off, and if I’m incorrect, please feel free to let me know. I just thought people might want to consider this before paying the high price of a 4TB and then only being able to use 2TB of it anyways.

You could you format the drive as 2x 2TB partitions and swap between the two by pressing the source button. But if you have over 2TB of music… wow! :slight_smile:

You’re so right, 4TB is way, way bigger than most of us will ever need. I have a 2TB and only a small fraction of it is filled at this point. I could probably have the whole neighborhood come over and add their music, and still have tons of space :smile:

I was just wondering after reading some posts and watching some videos on YouTube. So many people talking about installing a 4TB, 8TB, even 16TB! I’m thinking they’ll be awfully disappointed when they format it and only 2TB is available. I have no idea about splitting the SSD into two or more separate drives. Most of my computer knowledge ends with turning it on. Lol

Denon initially recommended a 1TB max, but then changed it to any size drive can be used as long as it’s formatted MBR and exFat or Fat32. But if MBR only provides for 2TB, they might want to change that to avoid complaints from those trying to install an SSD over 2TB.

I have a 4TB installed. After having formatted to GPT exFAT through Windows disc management , the Prime4 would give me an error stating that it was incompatible and to format to FAT32 or exFAT. After clearing the message, the drive still worked in the prime 4. Played for hours without any issues.

However, the error message was getting to me. So I decided to try some utilities to see if there was some workarounds. What I did was convert MBR to GPT through Windows disc management. Then I used the latest version of DiskGenius to format the drive in exFAT using all format defaults. I now get no error messages on the Prime4 and no problems during playback so far. And yes I can use a 4TB drive as I have very large FLAC files and have a huge collection from the 50’s to current.

You probably typed the above backwards, as it was originally formatted to GPT exFAT (your second sentence in the first line of your post). Didn’t you mean convert GPT to MBR?

It needs MBR disktype with ExFAT format.

No, you read correctly. MBR to GPT. I was going back and forth after the first time I went with GPT. So at one point when I had it on MBR I used Windows Disc Management to go to GPT.

Despite what Denon recommends, it appears to be working for me with GPT.

Thanks for clarifying.

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