Re: Prime 4

Hi, Is Prime 4 controller compatible with Virtual DJ 8? And if so, how do you get the two to work together? Is it just plug and play? Or do you have to install drivers, etc? Also, will the Prime 4 screen look like the screen in the Virtual DJ Software? Thanks, Scott

check out this thread, you should be fine after that, as long as i know Prime 4 screen will be showing computer mode and you need to look at your PC screen on VDJ

Yes the Prime 4 does work with VDJ, and it is almost plug and play. Support isn’t native yet (blame Denon) but it’s easy to download the mapping and skin. The way Atomix have implemented it, certain things download automatically when VDJ detects the Prime 4.

The Prime 4 screen runs what is effectively a standard VDJ skin, but it’s designed to suit the screen size. It looks similar to the screen you get when connecting Serato to the P4.

There are pictures in the thread on the VDJ forum (see above post).

Unfortunately despite everything working fine, Denon for some reason requested that Atomix disable the screen, so the mapping was slightly modified. It’s very simple to fix though.

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