Re-importing CUEs, Hotpoints & beatgridd

Hi guys,

First post on this forum. Hi everyone !

Very basic question. I’m using Engine DJ to upload music on my USB sticks and then use these sticks on my SC5000.

On my SC5000 I often finetune or adapt some CUEs and hotpoints/loops on the fly and would like them to be kept and stored definively for this track. Is it possible to re-sync this new track mapping on Engine. ie. Uploading the new points into my computer ? How doing this ?


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Hey FXR,

In Engine Prime, that’s just a matter of plugging in the drive and clicking the circular arrow at the top of the drive panel. This will resync all info for songs that have been packed to the drive.

Thanks AIRVince, So if I well understand you.

  1. I select my songs on Engine prime, save them into my USB flash drive.

  2. I plug my USB flash drive on my SC5000 and play songs. If I adjust some songs CUEs, Loops beatgrids on my SC5000 they will be saved on my USB flash drive

  3. I plug back by USB drive on my computer and click on the button you mention to resync these new CUEs, loops etc into Engine Prime on my computer .

Is my understanding correct ?