Re-Import Track Info -> Rating does not update

Hi all,

In the Engine DJ Software (v 2.4.0, Windows 10 x64) I can not update the star rating, when I edit the rating outside of Engine DJ.

I’ve also tried to edit other metatag fields (like comment, artist, etc). With these it’s working as intended, when I use the “Re-Import Track information” option.

Is this a general bug or I am doing something wrong?

In the Engine DB the “rating” is not connected to any tag of the MP3 file, therefore it is only a field present in the Engine database. Therefore you have no possibility to change it from the outside, since all this is not feasible (for now) even from the console with Engine OS.

If thats the case this is a reasonable bug report. Why ion earth would rating not write rating into the Id3 tag called rating?! :sweat_smile:

And there is the missmatch - because Engine does read the rating-tag, when you import the track for the first time.

But when you re-import the track information, it doesn’t read it again… and it’s only the rating field. Like the developers just forgot the re-import process for the rating field.


Are you sure about what you wrote? So Engine imports the rating stored in the MP3 file on first import into the library? If all of this hasn’t been added recently, I’ve never noticed this. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Yes, 100%.

I’m currently working out various solutions to move my music library to engine dj. The ratings got imported without problems.