Re-Analyzing issue on tracks with custom Tags

Issue: Loading tracks on my SC5000 (firmware 1.5.2 and prior) results in long loading since the player analyzes track on the fly, even though file was analyzed and exported using engine prime on windows

Steps to reproduce: Set “INITIAL_KEY” and/or “BPM” tag on mp3 track

Possible solution: Players should ignore custom Tags or even better show custom tags, but don’t forget the waveform/grid over them

Current Workflow: My current workflow is to analyze my tracks using Mixed in Key, since i think they got the best results, I really like the interface for browsing my collection and since I got a copy of traktor, I get a head start with cue points (MIK can set cue points for traktor/serato when analyzing the track for Keys, most likely I see the MIK cue points as a suggestion which I later adjust in traktor). Then set my cue Points in traktor, import the traktor Lib into Engine Prime, analyze again but only for the engine grid/waveform and export to stick.

Yes I know the is a complicated and convoluted workflow, BUT I kill two birds with one stone: My engine and my Traktor lib are in sync, with the same key results, because it’s from a “base instance” and I can use both my setups. The MIK step is not skippable for me. MIK sets the INITIAL_KEY tag which seems to be one of the problems. Setting the key only in the comments is not an option.