Rane One Mk 2 feat. Engine DJ, anyone?

Sorry if this has been spoken about before, but given AT’s acquisition of Setato (which I believe is still being finalised etc.), who here thinks that the next iteration of the Rane One will include a built in Engine DJ 7 inch screen, like it’s little sibling, the Numark Mixtream Pro?

If Serato and InMusic can play nice, it would be pretty cool to have the next Rane One to include Serato DJ Pro support, but then start wetting the appetite of turntablists to jump over to Engine DJ one day (esp. since stems is presumably coming). I could even perhaps see a Rane mixer with a screen built in one day, running Engine.

Ultimately InMusic will probably put everything into Engine DJ now… Anyone else think that this is the next step for InMusic?

Been thanking this too. It would be sweet.

“Still being finalised”

As in, not even started due to it being put on hold by the Government of New Zealand over monopolisation concerns.

As far as the rest of it goes, yes I think Engine desktop will become performance software one day and yes I think there should be a Rane branded standalone device, but not for the reasons you give.

I didn’t say that Engine desktop will become performance software actually. But I can see that happening too. Still being finalised was more of a diplomatic take on the situation with the Kiwi government :wink:

I guess my point was, InMusic shouldnt be doing things because they are worried about what Pioneer or anyone else is doing, they should be doing it as their own natural development and progression.

Essentially, you could have mentioned your wishes for the Rane standalone without having to mention either of those companies, because its a valid point/request in its own right.

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