Random jog wheel drags

When using the the sides of the jog wheel to slow down a track, it will randomly make the track drag/stop as if i touched the top of the jog wheel. I have the latest firmware on the sc5000. Has anyone else experienced this behavior.

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Do you have Vinyl mode enabled?

  • Make sure you’ve removed the clear plastic protective cover that comes on the jogs when the players are first purchased.
  • Make sure nothing is touching the Jog wheel.

If both of those cheks are fine…

Check the grounding of your players. The jogwheels are conductive which means they’re electrical sensors rather than “pressure” sensors. Having poor grounding can negatively effect the jogwheel experience.

I am using them with serato club kit. I have reached out to serato and they said to reach back to denon. Yes i have removed the plastics and nothing is touching the wheel other than my hands. In terms of grounding they are in a wooden flight case with foam cushioning. It happens on both of my players. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but enough to take notice of it. Sometimes I try and monitor how i am touching the sides. I use the sides alot for beat control as opposed to using the pitch slider all of the time.

Sorry I should elaborate - I don’t mean what casing the players are in, I mean grounding where the eltrical circuit is concerned.

Try plugging the players into a different socket / switch out extension leads if they are running through one.

I’m no electrician so somebody with more knowledge on troubleshooting may be able to help - I just know there is reported problems with the jog wheels if there is poor grounding on the electrical circuit.

I’ve had the same problem in a music store a few days ago. I Did not see how the power was connected so I can’t report on that. Just that the players where doing the same thing as you describe.

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If they are doing it only with Serato - go to Serato forum/support. Troubleshooting 101 really.

Yeah I’ve had this too. But I realised that I was probably just touching the top edge with my finger without realising, therefore catching it. Perhaps this is the same with you? They’re more sensitive than a CDJ so you have to handle them as such.

I posted in the serato forum first and didn’t get a solution. I haven’t tried without using serato, that would be my next test.

How did that go for you ?

I haven’t tried without serato yet.