Random freezing issue(s)

  1. Randomly while dropping in a new song (using jog wheel ) music will pause. The play and pause button is un responsive. Press back down on jog wheel and moving it will re engage the song and it will start playing again?

  2. Randomly while playing unit will become on responsive . Music will continue to play but not a single feature ( button, fader , dial, pitch ) will work work on the controller . Only work around is to power off unit and turn it back on.

Serato dj yes tried another usb cable.

It was reported several times by other users on Serato forum. https://serato.com/forum/discussion/1544884

No problems when MC4000 is used with another software (Traktor, VDJ) so you can blame it on them. There’s probably some mapping conflict inside Serato that’s causing it and the bad news is that it will probably never get fixed.