Rack mounting - Yes or No?

I’ve seen an MC6000 with rack ears, and also one without rack ears. Whats the deal?


Ears available seperately, I have em in a rack with 4500 Dual player (incase PC does something silly)

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The Mk1 used to come with the rack hardware. I dont know about the MK2 but sounds like you have to buy it. Kinda weak on denons part if that is the case.

This is one of those “some of the people, some of the time” situations.

With the mk1, the rack ears were supplied in the box and the users could fit the rack ears to the sides of the 6000 mk1 if they needed/wanted to. Some people did, some people didn’t. For those that didn’t, it was a waste.

The mk2 didn’t come with rack ears in the box but the whole thing was cheaper by around £50 compared to the mk1. The optional rack ears were £20 if required.