Quiet place here now

This part of the Denon forum has become very quiet these days. I remember the activity during the MCX beta phase. Now it’s almost not any new topics at all. Are you guys happy with your MCX8000 now ?

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No, there are big software bugs. I did, but they didn’t answer.

I was thinking the very same thing over the holidays. It seems to me that things really dropped off after firmware 2 was released. I have to think there are many happy 8000 users (me being one) that are enjoying a problem free experience. Been very busy with mine over the past year and it’s been flawless.


Denon sent me a brand new MCX8000 free of charge so no complaints from me plus I’ve had no issues with it. PraiseJesusHallelujah.

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OK at weddings, etc. I’m using the Serato thanks to this very nice Denon DJ, but I can’t use the 45 minutes in the stanalone mode in clubs immediately crashes. We can’t evaluate that beauty. I don’t want to switch to another setup, I’ve postponed adding fear from fear. I decided to wait for the eco system to be organized.

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I actually haven’t had too much cause to use my 8000 other than practice recently, but I will say ever since the new firmware was released, I enjoy using it more than I did prior. It’s finally stable and does what it needs to do!

We supported the beta program. After the update came a lot of features. But we still can’t use the device. There are major software errors in the topics we’ve written them.

Yes, this place was very active before. I was part of the Beta testing which brought the prime capabilities to the MCX8000. It was a great improvement for sure. But in the end I was too frustrated with Serato and Engine Prime, so when the NI S4 mk3 was released, I moved to that and am loving it. The MCX8000 is an awesome piece of hardware and certainly the most versatile controller out there, but to me it never quite lived up to my expectations due to software issues all around. I sold mine and have moved on.

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Wirh the Prime 4 bow added to the Prime family, this forums just gonna get noisier and noisier and the pio-dear fans will get very quiet very quick

Wow. Had no idea the Prime 4 even came out. This is what I (and probably most 8000 owners) wanted all along. Too bad it didn’t come out two years ago.