Quick start cross fader MCX 8000

Is it possible to use the Cross Fader on the MCX 8000 in a quick start modus, so that the music go to play when i use the fader from left to right. And how can i do that in the setup. !

Holding down shift and move fade up starts playback. I have not found any settings for turn it on or off.

If you’re talking about a short cut-in distance, the knob on the front of the unit to the right will give you what you want. Up fader start is something different, and is what DJ Eric detailed…well not that much different tbh

I mean the Faders 1 and 2 are up. I want with the cross fader only start position 1 or 2

I think Serato only supports fader start with line faders, not with crossfader. Check Serato forums if it’s possible to custom map it (Serato has limited mapping options compared to other software solutions out there).