Question/Request Prime 4 Display

Hello i am new to Prime and used for ages Pioneer. Today arrived my Prime 4 and i allready watched many Tutorials and Manuals.

But there are 2 Points taht i totaly dont understand or wish to be integrated.

  1. Horizontal Waveforms all the Manuals tell me that i can only Show 2 active Channles horizontal but i have seen many DJ Mixes where are clearly all 4 Waveforms visible, is there any Workaround for it?

  2. Why ist it not possible to choose the Position of the Waveform i personaly would like it to have it more left so i can see more of the upcoming trackinformation. That brings me to the next big Issue for me i can only see the next 4 Bars of my Track i cant Zoom in more. I realy wish to see the next 16-32 Bars so i have Visual Clues of my Tracks.

Thank you for your answers.

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Hello @Dirk-Shape Welcome to the forum.

To change the view you need newest software and use button combination Shift + view

As for zoom - pinch and expand like on the smartphone to see more.

Playback marker can’t be moved at the moment.

Thy i know how to Zoom but i think its not enough to see only the next 4 Bars i want to see 16 or 32. For some Mix Tricks it is essential to see when you have to start the track or exit a Loop i dont want to Count the Bars.

The only workround to your problem (i have the same issue) is to set hot cue at the bring in point in engine desktop… time consuming but well worth the preperation)

I know but this does not Help if i stream some Tracks.

Mmmmm personally i dont stream. But if om right then you should be able to see the waveform and pick a mixspot. Or prepare playlist Then scroll it back and set hot cue… Streaming hot cues i think )not 100% as like i said i dont use streaming (this being one reason)) are saved on prime 4 so you can usethem again. Give it a shot and let us know

“more zoom out to see more bars…” It’s actually a good idea

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