Question regarding SC5000m and Serato & Rane 72

I want to use my two sc5000m’s and my rate 72. Do I hook up my 2 decks to the 72 and then the mixer to the laptop to use it in controller mode? Or Do I have to hook up all three units to the laptop to use it in controller mode?

All 3. Or ditch the laptop and go stand alone.

Connect the pair of SC5000 to the 72 via USB, then 72 to laptop via USB.

The 72 has 2 usb sockets on the rear. I have used them with CDJs and SC5000s before.

I had midi conflict issues then though which I believe is now resolved


I’m sure he is aware that he can use it standalone but he owns the Rane 72 for a reason and that reason is likely to be Serato.

We all have different needs



Yes I know it can be used standalone. I’m djing with another dj who uses serato and we are doing a sweet sixteen. The search function is too slow when I need to search a lot of songs all night.

You don’t need to explain yourself :+1:t5: