Question on new OS updates

I’m looking at the Tidal and the new Serato one. Do you need to DL and install them separately or does one DL cover both? I can find the Serato DL to install using a USB, but not the Tidal one.

Can anyone clarify? thanks!

When using Serato and you have a Tidal subscription it covers that.

Tidal on Serato: When not using Serato connection:

Read up on the hardware and software you use:

Thanks, but that only sorta helps. I have completed the 1.3.3 update… but I still don’t see the wifi option yet. How do I get the wifi enabled on my P4? thanks!

WiFi is enabled from 1.4 and above. Currently beta only. Works with Serato though. 1.3.3 is stable and has Serato active, but no Wifi yet

Like stated by others, WiFi is only from 1.4 and up. The 1.4 beta works with Serato also.

However, when switching to Serato/computer mode, you’ll loose Tidal access on the device anyway and you’ll need to do that from within Serato.

So do I plug my laptop into my prime 4 for the 1.4 windows beta update?

That is the best way - to use the fatty blue usb cable. Updater from usb flash stick is 50/50 work