Question about the pitch slider

Hiya all.

Prime 4 is on the latest firmware. The pitch slider is behaving a bit strange.

I’m using sync mode. When I’ve finished with the track in deck 1, and am now playing deck 2, if I move the pitch slider slightly up or down, it doesn’t change the speed of the track. I have to push it quickly down to like -5 and then back up again to get the slider to respond.


Soft takeover - normal and needed.

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I’m so sorry. I don’t understand. Is that a setting?

“Soft take over- normal and needed.“ Don’t exactly agree with that statement. Why not offer a pitch reset option?

Because if the pitch of the playing track suddenly shot back to zero the output bpm adjustment of the playing track would suddenly jump back to zero Too

This - it’s doing you a favour by stopping you from sounding awful when you want to come out of the sync - you need to put the slider to where it would have been had sync not been on then back again, then you can assume manual control.

The pitch reset must not start automatically, but only with a specific DJ command. If you see Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ (for example), there is a special button to perform that operation: very convenient and fast.

In addition, manually moving the “Pitch slider” to reach the position of coupling to the current BPM, you must be careful not to exceed the position, otherwise the BPM suddenly change uphill or downhill and all this is not nice.

A simple manual command would solve the problem. A features request has been entered here: If you are interested, give your vote.

Yeah I get that. But I’m also a pro DJ, just getting back into the swing of things and I’m just being a lazy old fart by using the sync button! :joy::joy::joy:

Would be nice to be able to turn this behaviour off. I’m just trying out Engine right now so I can get used to having my music as a backup from Serato.

Serato doesn’t have this at all. It’s much easier because as my music get progressively faster during my set, I can just keep sliding the pitch fader up or down to keep it good for the next mix.

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