Question about my mcx8000 controller

Which components (cpu, ram, graphics card etc.) are installed in the mcx8000 ???

There’s certainly a lot .

What was the thought behind your question?

Because one reads here from so many problems. Perhaps it is due to inferior components

That’s not any concern at all.

Apart from firmware , all the mcx8000s worldwide are the same. There are not gold, silver and bronze versions … But many users have no issues with their 8000s at all. If there were a problem with the component choices then everyone would get the same performance as everyone else.

Of course … Everyone uses different “components” outside of their MCX8000s. Different memory sticks, different lappys, different operating systems, diffrrebt music file sources.

It’s always the other hardware/software vendors fault isn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep - sure is! alot of the time. buying assecories is its the thing in the old saying about “Buy cheap, buy twice”

I got a memory stick at a really good price about half the price of the same size stick of the Kingstone and Sandisk sticks. But my feeling good about getting a good deal was short lived as it couldnt sustain any sort of fast datatransfers, which is more or less exactly the perofrmace factor you need for media playback. Turns out that in a 32gb drive, the 32 can be made up of 64 half gig chips, which spend all day talking to each other or it can be made of one 32gb chip which can push pull data as fast as you like and as fast as you need.

Lesson learnt

Majority of complaints on hardware vendors forums regarding controllers are actually software issues. And it’s no wonder when you realise that many users have 0 clue of what a controller actually does or how the hardware/software integration works (especially with Serato). “Oh, I’ve been using my cheap controller with Serato for years now and had 0 issues, and now with this expensive one I get this x problem so it must be the hardware”.

To be honest there has been many instances where internal parts and components are sourced from different vendors depending on proce and demand (Samsung used both their own ISOCELL and Sony camera components in the Galaxy S6 and S7).

If you buy components with identical specs from a few different manufacturers you can get some components that are more reliable than others.

What is to say they was running low on capacitors one week when demand for the MCX skyrocketed so ordered from another supplier to keep up with demand? Well never know.

As I really don’t think this was the case, yet it can’t be ruled out so to say they are all built equal isn’t true in any case, regardless of manufacturer.

“Design and specifications are subject to change” is a good way to cover that.

While I believe the internals are all the same, never rule it out.

friends I was just making a joke or silly sarcastic remark. I have spent the better part of my IT career dealing with “it’s not my hardware/software it their hardware/software”. Knowing that @DJ_Boothe takes a lot of heat for various stuff on the forum I thought maybe he might get a chuckle. I didn’t mean offend anyone’s sensibilities. Of course it now occurs to me that the original post is 11 months old even though it showed up as unread or new in my feed.

I too would like the answer to this. It really shouldn’t be so hard to track down, honestly.