Question about exporting

I exported my crates & playlists to two different drives. All good. Then today, I added new music to Engine Prime and analyzed the songs. I wanted to update the two drives, so I did the Sync Manager and I got a weird message (on both drives … and if I finish syncing and sync again, I get the same message… every time). The message is: “Export Cleanup - There are tracks that will be removed from your drive on Export. Do you wish to continue?” … I’m confused. I didn’t delete any tracks from the library. Why would it remove tracks from the drive on export? Should I be concerned?

Sync Manager is all or none in that direction (collection to prime drive)

Because of Sync Manager will wipe the destination drive you get that message ie When exporting from main engine prime collection to destination prime drive.

It’s telling you this incase you want to sync back some changes from the prime drive to your main collection. Eg if you add some new hot cues or loops or adjusted grids on the prime gear.

OK, so it’s not actually removing tracks then (if they weren’t removed from the software side)?

No, it isn’t removing tracks from main collection (ie left window) which could be your internal drive or another external drive.

Thanks for the feedback. One thing that’s weird though, is if I go ahead and click YES to continue the export, it says I have cue points or something to sync from the right. Problem is, these are new drives that have never been used. I set all my cue points in the Engine PRIME software and haven’t used them in a Denon unit yet.

This can happen if you set cue points or loops in Engine Prime on tracks in the destination drive.


You export Track A to the Prime drive

You then view the Track A (located on the Prime Drive) in Engine Prime and you add one more hot cue or grid change

it’s technically the same as adding the hot cue using prime hardware.

Hope that makes some sense.

I didn’t make any grid changes or hot cue changes. Strange. I might wipe the drives and re-export and see how that goes.

Okay. That’s what I do when things get murky as well. Format and start again (the prime drive that is :man_technologist:t5:)

Weird… I wiped both external drives, re-exported my crates & playlists, and as soon as it was done, it shows that I have data to sync from the externals. Is this a bug?

They denon need to reword that error message to something like “cue points and other track info will be altered on the target drive if you proceed. Do you wish to proceed?”

If I’m understanding this feature right


  1. Where are your original music files stored? Internal laptop drive or another external

Original files are on iMac internal drive. I plug a freshly formatted external drive into the iMac and do the export. As soon as it’s finished, I get the message that there’s new info on that external to sync with the Engine Library. That makes no sense to me. Should I do it just to see if it stops giving me that message? Seems like a bug to me.

Yes no harm in trying that. See if it goes away.

Same question here. I believe that the only way in avoiding anything (incl. Cuepoints etc.) of getting lost, you need to plug in your media source (eg. Laptop) before the gig, transfer all the tracks to the Prime’s internal drive and come back as soon as possible AFTER the gig, connect the prime and laptop again and sync the other way to make sure all changes you made on the Prime (Cuepoints…) are saved to the Laptop (Engine Prime) before you make subsequent changes to the library of Engine prime.

Am I right? If so, this seems like a pretty complex to me. Isn’t it?

@Denon Can’t the Backsyncing of Cuepoints and Loops etc. be done over the air?