Query for rekordbox users


I have bought myself a 64gb USB and exported all of my rekordbox playlists from 2018/2019 onto it. I have then put that stick into the SC5000 and imported the collection. Next I have put the usb into the computer and analysed the 2500 records with engine.

I have another smaller stick which I am using to test the system…exported some rekordbox playlists the same way, ran through the sc5000 and then the computer. I have next created a new playlist on rekordbox and exported that to the same stick…I put that into the sc5000 and it asked if I wanted to import, I said yes. Next thing I know, all the other playlists are empty and only the new playlist is on the usb stick… is this going to happen each time I try and add a new playlist from rekordbox? I don’t want to test this on the 64gb stick because it took ages to export and analyse.

Any tips from rekordbox users would be great thank you.

Also, is there any way of making the sc5000 display the musical genre when scrolling? I dont know the records well enough.

thank you


Hey Slater,

I am sure someone will be able to give you the answer to your question, but as far as I know, the 5000 does not keep a collection itself. So whatever it needs it will have to get from the USB-stick(s) or external disks.

Hence, if you do a new import, it would override whatever it had in memory to reflect the currently attached stick/drive.

I am guessing the best way to do it, would be to use Engine Prime as go between? That way you could have an EP database and just add new stuff, even from a new RB drive/stick, I think.

The other way would be to use a third-party tool to create a usb-stick that will work in both an MC5000 and a Pioneer environment.

Just my 3 cents as usual. I stand ready to be corrected :stuck_out_tongue: