Quantized Censor

It seems to me that when quantize is activated, it has no effect on the censor function. I often use the censor function as a temporary reverse and it is not always obvious to activate it at the right time to get the desired effect. I remember that on my CDJ 2000nxs when quantize was activated it was impossible to miss a reverse effect that was systematically in the beat

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a pity that the censor is not quantized ?

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since they call it “censor” it would be troublesome to have it quantized as you could miss what you are going to censor.

In your case, you are using it as reverse so I do understand the desire to have it quantized. I would suggest they add an option in the menu to activate/deactivate this for the censor (so quantize would remain quantize as is now, this option would only tell the OS if it should quantize the censor if quantize is on).

TBH, I don’t use it that often but when I have, I have never noticed being off beat. Hasn’t been a big deal.

I can’t imagine this would be difficult to implement.

This is great for reversing beats and I do it via the Reverse Roll effect.

the reverse effect I try to achieve with the censor is usually to reverse on the last 4 beats of a 16 or 32 beats part of a track at the end of a transition, for example just before a drop or a break. Sometimes I can do it when I press just when the last white bar marker passes over the playback point. But sometimes it fails. But I guess it must be exactly the same on all the equipment of the Prime series.

I think it will be a good option to enable / desable quantize on Censor in preferences

What about this implemention ?

You edit your audio with engine prime, and where you wanna censor it, you set a censor tag (like an anchor on flexible grid (censor in / censor out) … in player you have a switch in settings for censor on. If that is on, a censored track will automaticaly censor, if it gets on a censor in censor out anchor.

so you can´t miss censoring tracks - also it is in beat. and maybe we can use this also as a fx :wink:


This is a great way of doing it, almost like Serato Flip.

Treat censor like a loop. They can be saved and activated in the track upon load.


Yes for a serato flip like feature. I have a request in. If you haven’t already, pls go vote for it.