Psstt, This average DJ would like to introduce himself

Hi hello,

Denon have the freshest forum now! yay! Too bad I didn’t have their gear yet :frowning: DVS + VL12 would be great.

Anyway i’d like to introduce myself as a noob and average DJ Dino my stage name, and nice to meet you.

Starting DJing from 2011 without the DJ school, started from youtube, partying + cheap numark controller, and then here I am in 2017 with some better gear and skill. I’m from Indonesia, Yogyakarta city. You should visit there it’s a cultural tourist destination other than Bali. The rave & party scene is here is a bit small and intimate, the crowd usually crazy, or not. Underground party in here is much better, like 480 Minutes Party who take place in open natural venue, or maybe nutty Hip Hop party series called Antidote filled by rich kids.

Please have a talk with me, LoL You might got something or I got something from you! Cheers!

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It’s great to have you with us thanks for joining!

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