Pseudo virtual channel on a prime go (searching a workaround)


after I switched from a 4 channel setup to my 2 channel prime go, I noticed that for some of my transitions in drum & bass I need a 3rd channel.

I was wondering if it would be possible to put a small loop on a sampler slot or virtual deck (s11) like in Serato to have a empty channel for an incoming tune (while the loop and the second channel is still running).

  • The FX recycler does exactly what I need except the lenght of the FX loop. The maximum value for the beat parameter are 4 beats. I usually only use 32 / 64 beats phrases for beat jump and loops to make my transitions. Therefore I am not able to use this FX a lot for my porpuse.

  • Second idea was using the sampler like in serato. But the sampler in engine dj is very basic without any quantize function or possibilitys to fast add a saved loop to a sampler slot.

What I would like to ask is if anyone has another idea that has slipped my mind.

I don’t know what effort it makes to extend the parameter maximum value for the FX recycler to e.g. 32 beats or 16 Beats and if this is even possible (Feature Request).

Thanks in advanced.


Daniel B.

For now, try the new effect (i think its hold echo) that can create what is effectively a 4 beat loop on the master out.

all right, iam gonna try it out. thanks

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Hey @DVanBleibergson - this “used to work”

I assume it still does (I don’t have a GO anymore!)

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Hey Pwnda, that is exactly what I need. Thanks for this information.

It is the “Roll” FX which all engine dj product should have with the current build, not only the prime go.

But unfortunately with the current build, the beat parameter for the “Roll” FX is at maximum 2 beats… (in the videos it goes up to 32 beats)

I assume this was changed due the big FX update couple months ago.

Can sombody with a different unit confirm that “Roll” has a maximum beat parameter value of 2 beats? Maybe it is also a bug for the prime go then.

If the Roll FX unit would have still 32beats, I would have my 3rd virtual channel for transitions.

Thanks in advanced.

I checked the values in the current user manuel. And it was change for all devices to max 2 beats. In the old user manuels it was for prime go up to 32 beats and for example prime 4 up to 8 beats.

I could make a feature request for it but I assume after the big FX change, this is not possible anymore.

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Always worth asking!!