Protective case

What are you using to protect your Prime Go when transporting? I was looking at pelican 1495 case with foam but not sure if there is enough room?

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I use the UDG Ultimate Backpack Slim Black Want to get a decksaver and custom molded foam to fit around the front knobs.

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Blockquote pelican 1495 case

would there still be still be room for the controller with foam?

Seahorse 710



is this case okay? pity that it has few additional pockets. can you put some more photos? maybe when it’s closed …

This is what I decided to go with until a flight case is made available. Plenty of room in the other pockets for cables, AC adapter, etc. Bag for DJ Controller, Mixer, Media Player | Odyssey Gear image


where do you buy it?

is the backpack of the photo this?

Its the slim backpack but I just opened the expansion and notice there is a rip. It must have been sent to me like that cause I never opened it before.

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I’m using my FB3000 Flight Bag from my old MC6000 MK2. Fits perfect.


Am using the Gator GU-EVA-1813-3

I upgraded my soft case to a flight ready image image image

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So does anyone have found other compatible bags or cases ?


Or this:

Google is your… :wink:

where can you buy?

Has anyone tested the UDG Ultimate MIDI Controller Backpack Large MK2 with our controller? It is normally meant for larger devices.

UDG Slim Backpack with Decksaver.


Not out yet, but this looks good:

What i did was taking a standard road ready cdj case, create an angled bottom and shortened the lid (not in the picture). Small footprint and connections come above edge on the back; so no need for removable lid on the backside!

I never understood the point of taking small factor and light controllers and putting them in a heavy flightcase.

Defeats the entire purpose of it.